New paper published in Nature Photonics💥

We realised a high-brightness🔆 and ultrabroadband🌈 coherent light source covering 7 optical octaves from the ultraviolet to the THz domain!

Pressure-adjustable ultrabroad spectrum.

Seven-octave-spanning fibre-based source

In an international collaboration among the group of Prof. Jens Biegert at ICFO, the Kuban State University in Krasnodar, the Max-Born Institute in Berlin and our team at MPL, we realised a world-first, high-brightness source of few-cycle-duration light waveforms with spectral coverage from the UV to the THz domain. This was made possible by combining three state-of-the-art technologies:

  1. An OPCPA system emitting mid-infrared ultrashort pulses with stable electric field

  2. A broadband-guiding anti-resonant hollow-core fibre filled with gas

  3. An exotic nonlinear crystal for efficient intra-pulse difference frequency generation in the mid-infrared

The resulting multi-octave-spanning coherent spectrum, supporting few-cycle pulses with stable carrier-envelope phase, features a brightness two to five orders of magnitude above that of synchrotron sources. This table-top system will enable high-dynamic-range spectroscopies and open new horizons in attosecond physics and materials science.

David Novoa
David Novoa
Ikerbasque Research Fellow & Visiting Professor