Arrived in Bilbao! A new adventure begins...

Welcome 👋 We are just arrived in Bilbao from Erlangen. After 8 amazing years in Germany, it was time for a change and here we are to enjoy it all!

Guggenheim Museum. Image credit: David Novoa

A fresh start

  • After so many years abroad, we wanted a radical change, try something different. Our personal circumstances were not quite the same as few years ago for obvious reasons, and we felt that it was about time to take that first next step. Thus, once the offer came, it was not very difficult to say yes. Apart from a stimulating scientific atmosphere, with multiple Research Institutes and the University of the Basque Country, Bilbao had a lot to offer us: Its marvelous orography, the coast line, many green spots and leisure spaces for kids along the city, an international airport just 15 minutes away from the city centre…

  • Of course, planning an international move in the middle of a global pandemic is far from trivial, but we managed to find our way through it and here we are! Nicely settled down and full of energy to take on this endeavor. Stay tuned!

David Novoa
David Novoa
Ikerbasque Research Fellow & Visiting Professor