Tunable and state-preserving frequency conversion of single photons in hydrogen

New breakthrough in fibre-based quantum photonics!

Specialty Photonic Crystal Fibers and Their Applications

Our special issue on specialy PCFs is now fully online!

Efficient self-compression of ultrashort near-UV pulses in air-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers

A new regime of ultrafast UV self-compression in air is reported!

Seven-octave high-brightness and carrier-envelope-phase-stable light source

World-broadest-bandwidth laser is born!

Sub-40 fs pulses at 1.8 μm and MHz repetition rates by chirp-assisted Raman scattering in hydrogen-filled hollow-core fiber

The possibility to perform time-resolved spectroscopic studies in the molecular fingerprinting region or extending the cutoff wavelength of high-harmonic generation has recently boosted the development of efficient mid-infrared (mid-IR) ultrafast …

Narrowband Vacuum Ultraviolet Light via Cooperative Raman Scattering in Dual-Pumped Gas-Filled Photonic Crystal Fiber

Many fields such as biospectroscopy and photochemistry often require sources of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) pulses featuring a narrow line width and tunable over a wide frequency range. However, the majority of available VUV light sources do not …

Robust excitation and Raman conversion of guided vortices in a chiral gas-filled photonic crystal fiber

The unique ring-shaped intensity patterns and helical phase fronts of optical vortices make them useful in many applications. Here we report for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, efficient Raman frequency conversion between vortex modes …

Optical traps and anti-traps for glass nanoplates in hollow waveguides

We study theoretically the optical forces acting on glass nanoplates introduced into hollow waveguides, and show that, depending on the sign of the laser detuning relative to the nanoplate resonance, optomechanical back-action between nanoplate and …

Thresholdless deep and vacuum ultraviolet Raman frequency conversion in hydrogen-filled photonic crystal fiber

Coherent ultraviolet light has many uses, for example, in the study of molecular species relevant in biology and chemistry. Very few, if any, laser materials offer ultraviolet transparency along with damage-free operation at high-photon energies and …

Polarization-Tailored Raman Frequency Conversion in Chiral Gas-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Broadband-tunable sources of circularly polarized light are crucial in fields such as laser science, biomedicine, and spectroscopy. Conventional sources rely on nonlinear wavelength conversion and polarization control using standard optical …